About The Naperville Jaycees

The Naperville Jaycees are dedicated to helping the community. From Holiday Food Baskets to our annual Easter Egg Hunt, the Naperville Jaycees help the community by volunteering time, fundraising, helping others and recognizing outstanding effort of others within the community…and we have fun doing it. To see what events we have in the works, check out the Upcoming Events section.

As with any organization, things are always changing, so to try and keep up with what’s going on in the Naperville Jaycees, check out the Announcements section.

Like what you see? It’s a lot of fun to be a part of the Naperville Jaycees. You meet great people, do great things for others and for yourself. To find out how you can join, check out our Join section.

2016 Last Fling LogoThe Naperville Jaycees are very successful fundraisers. Our Last Fling is the biggest fundraiser event that we run and all of our fundraising events collect money that we donate to other groups and organizations within the community. To learn more about our Last Fling and the groups that we donate to, check out the Last Fling and Donations sections.

Besides fundraisers, we have social events to attract new members and community projects in which we donate time to help others in the community. To find out about our projects and events, check out the Upcoming Events section.

Please visit www.lastfling.org for more information.

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Jaycee Leadership 2016

2016 Officers & Board of Directors
President Chad Pedigo
Internal VP Tom Manno mannot@gmail.com
External VP Alyssa Fee france9697@sbcglobal.net
State Director Shoshana Frank frank.shoshana@gmail.com
Treasurer Jessica Sul jsul@kleinhallcpa.com
Secretary John Trojanowski jttrojan1@gmail.com
Rooster Rep Mike Kreger mkreger@gmail.com
Immediate Past President Karen Coleman Karen.mark@yahoo.com
Board Member Cori Cozort cncozort@gmail.com
Board Member Matt Dingeldein matthew.dingeldein@gmail.com
Board Member Brad Taylor brad111375@yahoo.com
Board Member Matt Eastman Eastman.matt14@gmail.com
Board Member Jenna Hahn jbinversie@gmail.com
Board Member Andrew Lohse alohse@independencecfp.com
Board Member Danielle Tufano danielletufano721@gmail.com
Board Member Beth DeGeeter gpbpandoc4@aol.com
Board Member April Trojanowski aprilshowersbmf@gmail.com
Board Member Matt Welge matthewwelge@sbcglobal.net
Board Member Luke Cherep ltcherep@gmail.com
Board Member Amanda Zienty amandazienty@gmail.com

Jaycee Leadership 2015

President Karen Coleman
Internal VP Jenna Hahn
External VP Tom Manno
State Director Alyssa Fee
Treasurer Matt Welge
Secretary Zak Kates
Rooster Rep Susan Wallace
Immediate Past President Mike Healy
Board Member David Prinzi
Board Member Mark Moulesong
Board Member Brad Taylor
Board Member Lauren McLaughlin
Board Member Danielle Tufano
Board Member Suzanne Quigg
Board Member Chad Pedigo
Board Member Beth DeGeeter
Board Member Travis Ksiazek

Jaycee Leadership 2014

Position Officers
President Mike Healy
Internal VP Shoshana Frank
External VP Karen Coleman
State Director Beth DeGeeter
Treasurer Bill Eagan
Secretary James Bernicky
Rooster Rep Bob Farrington
Immediate Past President Kevin Piket
Board Member David Prinzi
Board Member Stephanie Barranco
Board Member Zak Kates
Board Member Mark Moulesong
Board Member Danielle Tufano
Board Member Renee Miklosik
Board Member Chad Pedigo
Board Member Joe Mensik
Board Member Travis Ksiazek